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Associated Content: Shimon Peres Came to Power Over Rabin’s Dead Body

April 30, 2007

Shimon Peres Came to Power Over Rabin’s Dead Body
By David Ben-Ariel
What role did Shimon Peres play in the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin? Read more »


Ron Paul update

April 28, 2007

April 28, 2007

Video: Conversation with Ron Paul

WMUR in New Hampshire continues its “Conversation with the Candidate” series with Congressman Ron Paul.  04/28/07

April 27, 2007

Details on Upcoming GOP Debate

“Politico hosts unique Republican debate”

Richard Allen Greene, 04/27/07

April 26, 2007

Paul Supporters at McCain Event in New Hampshire

“Also present yesterday were a half-dozen supporters of U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, who held signs on the perimeter of the area set aside for the event. Paul, a staunch advocate for smaller government, is perhaps the most right-leaning GOP candidate in the race.”

Union Leader, 04/26/07

The Christian Right and Ron Paul

“By the Christian Right’s own criteria, their candidate ought to be Ron Paul.”

Laurence M. Vance, 04/26/07

April 25, 2007

Press Release

Ron Paul Signs Pledge to Never Raise Your Taxes

CONTACT:  Jesse Benton, 703-650-9559

April 25, 2007

ARLINGTON, VA – Presidential candidate Ron Paul (R-TX) today pledged to the American people that as president he would veto any bill that raised their taxes.  The pledge, sponsored by Americans for Tax Reform, is offered to all presidential candidates as a way to distinguishes real fiscal conservatives from tax-and-spend, big-government politicians.

After signing the pledge, Dr. Paul issued the following statement:

“Signing the Taxpayer Protection Pledge was easy for me.  During my 10 terms in Congress, I have never voted to raise taxes, and I never will.  To be honest, I can’t understand why a Republican wouldn’t sign it.

“Liberty is best served when Americans keep more of their own, hard-earned money. I think taxes should be as low as possible.  As president, I would work to lower taxes for every American as I have for years as a member of Congress.”


Reason Commentary

“Paul’s campaign is doing better in many respects than I would have guessed back when the rumors of his candidacy first hit the ‘Net back in January.”

Brian Doherty, Reason Online, 04/24/07

April 24, 2007

Ask Your Question for the Debate

The GOP Presidential Candidates Debate will be held on May 3rd at 8:00 pm EDT.  Questions from the public are being collected now by The Politico.  Ask Your Question

April 23, 2007

Ron Paul on Lou Dobbs Tonight

Congressman Ron Paul will be interviewed by Lou Dobbs tonight on CNN at 6:45 pm ET.

“Candidates troll for votes on MySpace, YouTube”

“On the Republican side, John McCain easily leads Mitt Romney in MySpace friends, 10,366 to 7,361. A surprising No. 3 is Ron Paul, a GOP congressman from Texas who has 5,906 MySpace friends, far ahead of Rudolph Giuliani’s 2,134.”

Andrew Goldberg, Orlando Sentinel, 04/23/07

April 22, 2007

“Pleading the Tenth”

“But there is still one Jeffersonian left in Congress, and his name is Ron Paul.  However slim his chances of capturing the nomination, however impractical his ideas, his appeal to the Tenth Amendment is no thinly veiled reference to the days of segregation.  He is serious about advocating Thomas Jefferson’s approach in every area of government, and the consistency of his platform is both uncommon and refreshing.”

Tom Head, 04/21/07

April 21, 2007

We Can Do Better

“On the Republican side there are few good choices.  Darkhorse Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex.) is without doubt the best candidate, a critic of the war from the start.  And he wants America out of Iraq today, not next year.”
“Economics matters too, of course, but it is hard to enthusiastically support even the most economically freedom-minded candidate if he or she is a warrior wannabe.  Among the antiwar candidates, Ron Paul again is the best, genuinely committed to individual liberty, limited government, and constitutional democracy.  In contrast to virtually all of his fellow congressman, Rep. Paul actually asks whether there is constitutional warrant for proposed federal regulation and spending.”

Doug Bandow, 04/20/07

All about Jews, Christian Zionists, Khazars and Israel

April 28, 2007

Jesus Upheld Jewish Dietary Laws!
Did Jesus Call Jews Children of the Devil?
Synagogue of Satan
A Jewish Homeland
Why the Jews are Judah
Khazars by Yair Davidiy of Brit-Am Israel
Jews to Receive Jesus as Israel’s King!
Israel and Judah Must Get House in Order Before King Messiah Arrives
British-Israelites and Jews in Grave Danger
Christian Zionists, Jews, and Israel
AntiChrist to Mislead more Christians than Jews
Pravda and Orthodox Russia: Father, Forgive Them
The Covenant: God’s Relationship to Jews, Israelites, and Gentiles
CAPAI: Christians Against Proselytizing Among Israel
The REAL JESUS Can’t Return Until
Israel Work History (Worldwide Church of God)
Two Witnesses to Testify in Jerusalem Against Europe!
Jews Should Follow Judaism to Israel!
UN Resolution 181: Blueprint of the Beast?
Two Witnesses in Jerusalem
The Great Mideast Commission: Reaching the Cities of Judah
Herbert W Armstrong and Worldwide Church of God Mentioned in Israeli Newspaper

PBA Ruling is Not a Pro-Life Victory

April 28, 2007

PBA Ruling is Not a Pro-Life Victory

Pastor Bob Enyart / The Covenant News:
Shirley Dobson said it correctly to talk show host Hugh Hewitt the day after the ruling, that pro-life organizations have fought “for fifteen years” to achieve this partial-birth abortion ban. The tragedy, which she was unaware of, but which Hewitt as a lawyer should have known, is that not a single abortion, late-term or otherwise, has been or will be, canceled due to this ban.

Supreme Court Split 7-2 – Pro-Abortion Majority

Christian Gallery Editorial:
Why Court’s Confusing Partial Birth Abortion Decision Can Kill Babies By the Millions – A brief added to the partial birth abortion decision by Justices Thomas and Scalia helps us see the true meaning of the Court’s decision. If you will study the brief added by those two Justices, it will become obvious that instead of the recent decision showing a 5-4 Supreme Court split in favor of overturning legalized abortion, the recent ruling actually reveals that the Supreme Court as presently constituted is split 7-2, with the majority composed of Supreme Court Justices who have no intention whatsoever of overturning Roe v. Wade. Why is Justices Scalia and Thomas’s brief so revealing, so significant? Listen to what Justice Thomas wrote, with Scalia agreeing, “I write separately to reiterate my view that the Court’s abortion jurisprudence, including Casey and Roe v. Wade, 410 U.S. 113 (1973) has no basis in the Constitution.”

On The Partial Birth Abortion Ruling

Chuck Baldwin / The Covenant News:
In responding to the euphoria of many pro-life groups’ claiming that the PBA decision has begun the legal process of overturning Roe, the Mobile Press-Register said, “The court has done no such thing; and in the majority opinion, justices pointed out that the ban doesn’t violate a woman’s right to terminate her pregnancy.” The Press-Register got it exactly right.

Hitler Will Judge Us!

Abortion: Blood of Innocents (Jeremiah 7:31)

 Baby Picture After

Jesus and the Jews

April 28, 2007

Jesus and the Jews

Beyond Babylon ^ | 04-28-07 | David Ben-Ariel

Renegade Jews, who became avowed atheists, apostates or professing Christians, projected their PERVERSION on others and captivated whole countries with wrong ideas. Those false Messiahs have held men hostage to their thoughts, and imprisoned others with poisonous ideologies!

Thanks to Torah-Jews— those who follow and believe the Bible (as they understand it) — God has preserved for us the knowledge and identity of the seventh day Sabbath and holy days and when to keep them (Rom. 3:2).

The Jewish Magazine (May edition)

April 28, 2007

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Report: Jewish Refugees from Arab Countries

April 27, 2007

Click here to read our latest leadership report

Israeli Arab Lawmaker Accused of Aiding Enemy During War

April 27, 2007

Israeli Arab Lawmaker Accused of Aiding Enemy During War
Jerusalem ( – Israel’s secret service is investigating allegations that an Israeli Arab lawmaker -– a long-time critic of the state of Israel and friend of her foes –- aided the enemy during Israel’s war against Hizballah in Lebanon last summer…
If Israel were truly a Jewish state instead of merely a state of Jews, they would expel the vast majority of their Arab population as it is clearly hostile and cannot be trusted, as former Israeli Parliament Member and rabbi Meir Kahane warned. Instead Israel expels Jews from their homes and deports Christian Zionist allies!

Don’t Expel Jews from Gaza!
Christians Reject “Palestine” for the Promised Land of Israel
Peace Now: Arabs and Jews Must Go Their Separate Ways
No Jewish Leader to Save Israel?
Israel’s Betrayal of the Jews
Christian Zionists, Jews, and Israel
Shimon Peres has No Clothes: Where’s the Peace?
Daniel Pipes: Can the Leopard Change Its Spots?
Israel’s Unjust Deportation of David Ben-Ariel

Is George W. Bush the Anti-Christ?

April 27, 2007
Chachacha wrote:
I thought it was generally accepted that George W. Bush was the Anti-Christ?

Only by those who don’t know or reject the plain truth that the Bible prophesied so many revivals of Rome and that they’ve always taken place upon the continent of Europe, under the evil influence of the Roman Catholic Cult. The Babylonian Mystery religion has always misled the drunken politicians in this danse macabre; the Roman Catholic Church has always seduced leaders to engage in such an unholy union of Church and State to fulfill their fantasies.

The United States is Israelite in origin (specifically the Anglo-Saxon and Northwestern European Americans) – a part of the “Lost Ten Tribes” – and is foretold to be defeated and deported by that final revival of the Roman Empire forging ahead in Europe today as the “European Union.” Such a new European superpower – the United States of Europe – will be led by the Beast, the so-called Anti-Christ.

Europe’s Bitter Roots

Bible Prophecy States EU to Form Core Group

Jews-the Beast and False Prophet-and Rome’s Destruction

Is Germany in Danger of Backsliding?

Dilemmas of Israel Military Operation In Gaza Discussed

April 27, 2007

Dilemmas Of Israel Military Operation In Gaza Discussed