Revolution in South Africa?

Here’s how YOU can HELP the White folk in South Africa


In South Africa today there are many WHITES who are JOBLESS, HOMELESS and HUNGRY. Some of them live in squalor, drunk and the women become whores to feed their families. However the majority of the WHITES are still PROUD and want to HELP themselves but do not have the means to do so.

Firstly HUNGRY for FOOD as they cannot provide for their families and have to live in shacks and BEG for food.

Secondly HUNGRY for FREEDOM to live their dream of being FREE from the ANC REGIME so they can practice the CHRISTIAN RELIGION, raise their children, live their culture in their OWN language AFRIKAANS.

Thirdly HUNGRY for JOBS so they can have a HOME and again proud to be called BOEREVOLK.

AFRIKAANS speaking WHITES are being discriminated against in schools, government, job market and the providing of services to them from REGIME.

Revolution begins with the HUNGRY and DESPERATE who want to have FREEDOM.

This is looking more and more like it is starting to happen in SOUTH AFRICA.

These WHITES were mostly conscripted into the armed forces during APARTHEID have the training to wage WAR against the REGIME.

They will wage WAR if they are attacked and currently every day they are living in fear as BLACKS are killing and raping their fellow WHITES who still have money.

A project is being investigated for the JOBLESS, HOMELESS and HUNGRY WHITES to help themselves.

Do not give a hungry person a fish but rather a fishing line and hook so he can fish.


A piece of farmland was given to this project where WHITES can live and farm, however at the moment no Housing or sanitation is present. No tools for this project. Donations already promised ZAR20000 (USD2000).

As they are in desperate need to start this project in PHASES so they can help themselves we NEED your Donations of any kind. An amount of ZAR500000 (USD50000) is needed to fund this project after which it will fund itself and other projects like this throughout SOUTH AFRICA. SO start today and let the BOEREVOLK HELP themselves towards FREEDOM.

Please contact me for further info: stefanvh @

Let me give you a little BACKGROUND on the BOEREVOLK:

The BOEREVOLK are descendants from WHITE settlers who came mostly from EUROPE during the late 1600’s to present. They came mostly from FRANCE, NETHERLANDS, GERMANY and ENGLAND fleeing persecution because of their religion and beliefs and settled on the southern part of AFRICA. They carved an existence from this barren country and when the BRITISH EMPIRE took over in the 1800’s they moved inland again to carve out their existence in the inland where they fought wars against the BLACKS coming from NORTH AFRICA eventually starting 2 BOER REPUBLICS in the FREE STATE and TRANSVAAL. The BRITISH then annexed them in the late 1800’s and 2 WARS for BOER FREEDOM was fought. The first was won by the BOERS . THE second ANGLO BOER WAR the BRITISH killed 24000 children and 3000 women in CONCENTRATION CAMPS and only 3000 MEN were killed on the BOER side. This war was fought with over 500000 BRITISH TROOPS.

In 1910 the UNION of SOUTH AFRICA was founded and in 1914 there was a REBELLION against the BRITISH which was quelled by force and a few BOER leaders were executed.

In 1994 the Nationalist Party under FW de Klerk gave the ANC REGIME SOUTH AFRICA on a platter and the BOERS are still suffering from that.

This is a short history and not complete.

SOME Members of the BOEREVOLK are still in a FIGHT for FREEDOM and are spending time in jail or in court fighting for FREEDOM, whilst other MEMBERS are fighting for their LIVES and living in FEAR.


Yours sincerely,


Email: stefanvh @


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