Edmond isn’t where God’s House is to be built!

A multimillion-dollar house for God in Edmond?

Royal Vision
March – April 2009

From the Editor:

(excerpts from 10 pages:)

p2 Be Watchful
The truth in The United States and Britain in Prophecy is at the core of the key of David vision, which God gave to the Philadelphians (verse 7). This was the loving god reaching out to His Family! What that would have done for the Sardis Church had it accepted it!

God was trying to SAVE THE SARDIS ERA! How could a loving Father not reach out and try to save His Family when He sees them going astray? Everything is at stake! God doesn’t want to see any of His beloved children have their names blotted out of the book of life. They rejected god’s correction—His new revelation—and the era died.

Members of God’s Church can die. It’s all too common! In a sense, God’s faithful people today are sandwiched in between the Sardis people, who died spiritually, and the lukewarm Laodiceans, 50 percent of whom will die forever! It shouldn’t be that way at all. God does everything He can to prevent that.

When you talk about the key of David, you’re talking about a RULERSHIP OPPORTUNITY that will never come again to any of God’s people. God doesn’t make this extraordinary promise to those in Sardis, or to the Laodiceans. But to the Philadelphians, who have this key, God says, “Him that [conquers] will I make a pillar…” These blessed individuals will be at headquarters in Jerusalem throughout eternity!

Can you imagine if the Sardis era had listened to Mr. Armstrong and turned it around? If they had accepted the key of David, how DYNAMICALLY ALIVE THEY WOULD HAVE BECOME! Instead, most of the members embraced spiritual leaders who were dead. With all that power available, they were dead! Many of their names were blotted out of the book of life. What a missed opportunity…..

…[Rev 3v7-8] Here is how an end-time Christian lives or dies. He must embrace the key of David vision or he dies!

P3 God used Mr. Armstrong to build beautiful building—the crown jewel being God’s house in Pasadena, California. IT WAS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BUILDING OF ITS KIND ON EARTH.
The Philadelphia era was throbbing with spiritual life! It all flowed from the key of David vision.
The Philadelphia Church in the Laodicean era is being used by God to “raise up the tabernacle of David that is fallen” (Amos 9:11) Why is it called the tabernacle of David? Because we have the same key of David message that Mr. Armstrong had. God has even given us a fuller understanding of that vision than what He gave Mr. Armstrong…..
The only people who understand the key of David vision today are God’s very elect—the only people who will sit on David’s headquarters throne in Jerusalem forever. THIS VISION ACTUALLY IDENTIFIES GOD’S VERY ELECT TODAY!

Today, we are building another house for God. Today it will be the ultimate message to the Laodiceans and this world. The Head of this Church, the one who gave the key of David vision, is going to have a house and live on this campus in spirit!

THAT HOUSE WILL ILLUSTRATE THAT GOD IS ALIVE ON THIS CAMPUS AND IN GOD’S VERY ELECT. That house will be the greatest sign of hope on Earth! That hope is embodied in the key of David vision, which will be the dominant vision emanating from that auditorium. Those who understand and proclaim this vision are the only ones empowered to do God’s worldwide Work!


It takes Philadelphians in two eras to FULLY EXPLAIN THAT KEY. The understanding of the key of David always comes through Philadelphians in this end time.

What is the key of David? IT IS THE ROYAL GOSPEL VIEWED THROUGH THE EYES OF THE FATHER, AND THE HUSBAND, AND THE HEADQUARTERS BRIDE—the highest level of god’s government through all eternity.

Those during this Laodicean era who reject the key of David will not have that reward. Fifty percent of them

p4 will repent and be in God’s Family, but they will not be at headquarters, because they rejected the key of David, the greatest vision of the Bible. Revelation 3 makes it clear that anyone who goes into the Tribulation will not be stationed at God’s headquarters.

The big question is this: Will you understand and submit to this government in the age of man’s rule of man and act while there is time?

Consider this carefully: THE ROYAL KEY OF DAVID GOSPEL IS UNDERSTOOD NOW ONLY BY THE HEADQUARTERS KINGS AND PRIESTS IN EMBRYO! If you fully understand and submit to this teaching now, you are going to reside in Jerusalem forever.

Only 5 percent of God’s own people in the Laodicean era will qualify for that level of royalty in this end time…..
….That is why God gives us that vision from the perspective of headquarters in Jerusalem forever! He is revealing this vision with greater clarity all the time. Christ personally gives it to the Philadelphia era and to the Philadelphians in the Laodicean era….

… What could be more profound? What an uplifting, wondrous vision! Only the Philadelphians of this end time will share David’s headquarters throne. Philadelphian will be a very exalted word in the World tomorrow.

The title of our television program is the Key of David. We believe that title was inspired by God.
We followed the two-fold formula for loving God: keeping His Word and obeying His government….

… Because of our loyalty and obedience, God is swinging doors open for this Work! We started a few years ago with $80, and today we’re building a multimillion-dollar house for God! A mighty door simply opened for this Work. Who did that? God did. And when He throws a door open, he challenges anyone in this world to shut it!

p5 Revelation 3:9 reveals that there was a “synagogue of Satan” right in God’s Church—a church within a church. Even while Mr. Armstrong was still there, Satan conquered a great many members! Satan was right there even while God’s apostle was on this Earth! He had a synagogue! Those in this synagogue did not keep god’s Word, and they denied God’s government. Consequently, they lost the key of David vision and were conquered by the devil.

Isn’t it interesting how this Work is getting so involved in Jerusalem today? We are digging in the very spot where David’s throne once sat—and upon which Christ is about to establish His throne forever! We’re clearing away the rubble for Christ’s throne—the throne we are about to share with our Husband!…… If we deeply understand the key of David vision, we will be thrilled by that project in Jerusalem. Behold—LO! There is something truly special here!

What do our activities in Jerusalem have to do with the gospel? EVERYTHING! WITHIN JUST A FEW SHORT YEARS, EVERY CITY AND COUNTRY AROUND THE WORLD WILL BE FOCUSED ON JERUSALEM! When they are, we’ll be teaching them about the same thing we’re teaching now: the key of David. God wants the whole world to understand this vision…..
… Satan knows what we’re doing in Jerusalem, and he is raging like a mad dog in his attempt to stop it. He knows what it means for us to build a house for God—it is simply another sign we are in the final phase of this Work. He is deeply disturbed by these developments. All he lives for is to try to destroy what God is building. …

p6 Satan established a beachhead in the strong Philadelphia era. These rebels were conquered by the devil, instead of conquering him.
So when Mr. Armstrong died, Satan used his synagogue to conquer 95 percent of god’s Church (now comprised of several different churches). Unless those church members repent before the Tribulation, they cannot qualify to rule in the Jerusalem headquarters….
… We won a bitter six-year court battle with Satan the devil. We have had to fight and conquer Satan in many battles. With God’s very elect, that is a way of life. ..

p7 ..Jer 33:15..The “land” is referring to the whole Earth! The Messiah is about to come and sit on David’s throne and RULE THE EARTH!
Judah and Israel are about tot be reunited under that throne. In fact, THIS WORLD is about to become spiritual Israel and be united by the throne of David. All mankind will be looking to that one throne, the “key of David” throne. THE KEY OF DAVID UNITES EVERYONE!

(Jer 33:17) That is a promise from God! That throne is on Earth today, and it’s going to continue forever!
Verse 18 shows that there will always be a man proclaiming the truth about that throne. That two-fold covenant is all part of the key of David, and it is absolutely binding.
Now, that covenant is interesting to consider in light of a prophecy in Hosea 3:4…
This is describing a very tragic period—the Great Tribulation—almost upon us. It is a prophecy about Ephraim, Manasseh and Judah, when they no longer have a king or even a prince. Jeremiah wrote that David’s throne would never lack a man sitting on it—yet here it says that for a time, Israel will have no king or prince. How can you reconcile this apparent contradiction? We must remember that the very elect of spiritual Israel is being protected by God at this time.
Consider this as well: the word image in Hosea 3:4 refers to Jacob’s pillar stone—the stone Jacob called “God’s house” that stayed with Israel for generations, and that to this day resides in Great Britain. God revealed to Hosea that in this end time, Ephraim is going to lose that stone.
Where do you suppose that stone will be? I believe that question becomes more interesting over time.
Hosea’s prophesy continues (verse5) Imagine the peoples of Israel going into captivity and finally coming to their senses. When that happens, and they emerge from slavery, DAVID WILL BE RIGHT THERE FACING THEM—resurrected as a fiery God being!
… Now, let’s answer the deep and electrifying mystery presented by Hosea’s prophecy! I believe it is explained by a passage in Isaiah 16—one that has become clearer to me in light of the projects we have been undertaking in Jerusalem…….
P26…Here in Isaiah 16:4, God uses the Moabites to protect them from “the face of the spoiler.” It is the same being and the same place of safety in both scriptures! Satan is fanatically trying to get at us! We will need protection. He is after us—he always has been and always will be until God puts him away. He will come after us head-on in order to destroy us. We must respond by using God’s power to conquer him!
Now look at verse 5—where GOD HAS REVEALED SOME NEW TRUTH TO ME.

… Here you have the same tabernacle of David you see in Amos 9:11. The anchor Bible says these two verses are talking about the same “tent,” or “booth,” of David. The tabernacle here means a hut, or temporary dwelling. The Hebrew-Greek key Study Bible says “the most common use of the term had to do with the yearly booth made in conjunction with the Feast of Tabernacles.” Amos 9:11 shows that this temporary dwelling has fallen, and Christ has to raise it back up through the very elect.
So there will be a tabernacle over there in the Middle East, in the midst of a lot of trouble. It is there for an important reason. In this context, it is clearly WHERE GOD IS. If it’s the very elect tabernacle, God is right there leading His people. You can see that by the way God is talking to Moab here—and I have a strong feeling that the people of Moab are going to obey! They’ll recognize that God is in charge here. But still, it is a temporary dwelling. The Kingdom of god has not arrived yet.
Now—look again at Isaiah 16:5. There is an added

p27 expression you don’t find in Amos 9:11: “THE THRONE.” This says that THE THRONE will be established in addition to the tabernacle. What THRONE is this talking about? David’s throne! The same throne that Jeremiah 33:17 says will always be occupied!
This is the only throne on Earth that will last forever!
As we cover in our booklet the Key of David, the throne of David is in Britain today. For millennia, the kings and queens who have been crowned on that throne have done so over Jacob’s pillar stone, also called “the stone of destiny.”
IS ISAIAH 16 TELLING US THAT GOD WILL SOMEHOW GIVE US THAT STONE WHEN GOD’S PEOPLE GO TO THE PLACE OF SAFETY? After all, we are going to be sharing that throne with Christ in a matter of just a few years!
THE STONE OF DESTINY IS REALLY THE SYMBOL OF DAVID’S THRONE—not the chair that sits in Westminster Abbey. That chair was constructed by men rather recently—but the stone has been around for MILLENNIA! It goes all the way back to Jacob! It was at one time called GOD’S HOUSE—where GOD DWELLED!
Where will that stone be during the Tribulation? Again, Ephraim is going to lose it, according to Hosea 3:4 Where will that rock be? Will God give it to the Gentiles? I don’t believe for a minute that He would. He didn’t give it to the Gentiles when Judah was taken captive. …
… Wouldn’t God want us to save that marvelous stone of destiny, or to gain possession of it? I can’t see this verse as anything but a strong statement about where that rock will be.
God says THE THRONE WILL BE ESTABLISHED—and it’s in the context of a tabernacle, or temporary dwelling. The word “established” comes from …refers to THE ESTABLISHMENT OF A DYNASTY. In this passage, it must be talking about THE DAVIDIC DYNASTY! God said there would never lack a man to sit on that throne—and here He says the throne will be ESTABLISHED in a temporary, Tribulation setting, with God’s loyal people dwelling in a rocky fortress!…
… right now, the pieces seem to be falling into place for us to assist in uncovering the very place where David’s throne was, and where Christ will sit on His throne. Do you suppose; God might also get us involved with that stone? Does it seem illogical that God would use His people, who have the key of David and are about to sit on the throne of David, to get that stone, which is a symbol of that throne and of Christ? Certainly not to me.

I don’t know—but I know that SOMEONE will be on it, and it will be ESTABLISHED—and it appears to be there in the Middle East during a terrible time on Earth.
At the time of Jeremiah, he had with him a queen from the royal family to sit on that throne. Maybe there will be a member of the royal family with us in the place of safety. However, considering Isaiah 16:5 says he will be “seeking judgment, and hasting righteousness,” that doesn’t seem likely.
There is much here we don’t know, but the context seems to imply that the “he” who “shall sit upon” that throne is a man from this Church.
As I point out in Who Is “That Prophet”?, Micah 2:13 refers to the office Christ has given me as that of “their king.” That couldn’t be referring to Christ, because the same verse separately mentions “the LORD.” The word king in that verse means the leader, or one in charge—but the word king is appropriate.
In Micah 4:8-9, god asks the Laodiceans, “Is there no king in thee?” They don’t have a king.
These scriptures are talking about a man who leads a breakaway from a rebellious church! It’s END-TIME prophecy in your Bible!
It shouldn’t be too upsetting to think of God calling a man in the Church a “king.” After the 3 1/2 –year period of the Tribulation, EVERY CONVERTED MEMBER IN GOD’S CHURCH WILL BE A KING AND A PRIEST FOREVER!
… Some of you might remember how surprised Mr. Armstrong was to find that the ancestry on one side of his family could be traced back to King David. I too was shocked to discover this fact concerning my own lineage, also on one side of my family. Is there a reason why Mr. Armstrong and I both can follow our roots back to David’s kingly line—to the tribe of Judah? Does it have anything to do with this “lawgiver” coming from Judah’s.

p28 feet—or Judah’s descendants—in the last days, “until Shiloh (Jesus Christ) come”?
Mr. Armstrong had to establish god’s law and government. He was the Elijah who restored all things just before Christ’s return. I have continued the same law and government that he taught. No other church can truthfully make that claim!
We must believe god’s Word. I don’t know exactly what God is going to do—but I know He made a promise to David that there would NEVER LACK A MAN TO SIT ON THAT THRONE. Could that man be inside the church of God, helping us to get ready to sit on that throne as kings and priests? ..

… In that place, there will be the tabernacle—AND THE THRONE. There is only one throne on Earth that has such meaning for God and His people….
… What MERCY God will shower upon this evil world. Yes, people will suffer. But so soon, they will receive ABUNDANT MERCY from that throne, and that stone, which is a symbol of Christ Himself.
… God used a prophet to make the first overturn of the throne—and the stone—from Jerusalem to Egypt, then Spain, then to Ireland. An old, grey-haired prophet named Jeremiah traveled to Ireland a with a beautiful young queen who sat on David’s throne. So that first overturn of those three was performed by God’s people. Might god’s people again gain possession of that throne—and stone?
Ezekiel shows that, after the overturns, when Christ returns, god will give that throne to Christ, whose right it is!
The projects that God is getting us involved in today make it obvious that we are getting very close to that coronation!

…TO BE CONTINUED [emphasis mine]
What a crying shame that Gerald Flurry digs himself in deeper, condemning himself before both God and man, taking some biblical truths and polluting and adulterating them with his idolatrous ideas! The House of God is to be built in JERUSALEM – not Edmond, Oklahoma!

Gerald Flurry pontificates:

…we are building another house for God. Today it will be the ultimate message to the Laodiceans and this world. The Head of this Church, the one who gave the key of David vision, is going to have a house and live on this campus in spirit!

THAT HOUSE WILL ILLUSTRATE THAT GOD IS ALIVE ON THIS CAMPUS AND IN GOD’S VERY ELECT. That house will be the greatest sign of hope on Earth! That hope is embodied in the key of David vision, which will be the dominant vision emanating from that auditorium.

How can an exorbitantly expensive music hall in Edmond, Oklahoma – on the campus of a cult that gives a bad name to what’s left of their religion that’s biblical – even remotely be considered "the greatest sign of hope on Earth"? How bizarre! I’m all for the Third Temple that will soon be built where it belongs – in JERUSALEM, ISRAEL – and yet I wouldn’t have the chutzpah to declare it’s the greatest sign of hope on Earth!

And for Gerald Flurry to blather his diamond in the dust (since the United States will soon suffer national destruction, defeat and deportation) will illustrate God is alive on their campus and in their cult is blasphemous! It paints a very ugly picture of how Satan is twisting Gerald Flurry around his little finger, sifting him like wheat, mocking spiritual and prophetic principles that will be fulfilled in God’s good time. Those who aren’t brainwashed by Gerald Flurry and his sycophant ministers know Jesus Christ said, "you shall know them by their fruits" – the spiritual fruits of the Holy Spirit – especially divine love for one another, not by their physical backyard projects!

As I’ve written in Flurry’s focus on Edmond over Jerusalem

You don’t need any "special revelation" to read and believe the Bible that clearly shows God’s House on Earth has always been in Jerusalem – not elsewhere like Mormons and others mislead.

Gerald Flurry foolishly attempts to spiritualize everything away when it comes to the holy temple of God that will be built in Jerusalem. The least he could do is encourage the Jews to fulfill their responsibility to build God’s House – the Embassy of the Eternal – in Jerusalem on the Temple Mount and stop equating Edmond with Jerusalem!

Where’s the Temple On the Temple Mount?
Third Temple Coming Soon to Jerusalem!
The Temple of God in Holy Jerusalem

As for the Stone of Scone, the Stone of Destiny, and the possibility of King David’s descendants, British Royal Family members, accompanying God’s Church members accounted worthy to escape to wherever God has predetermined to protect us, Beyond Babylon has said that for years! See "God Save the Sons of Princess Diana!" It’s been said Gerald Flurry plagiarized much of Malachi’s Message, and now he appears to be stealing sections from Beyond Babylon and claiming it as his revelation!

It’s great that the Philadelphia Church of God is at least participating in archaeological digs in Jerusalem, as I’ve encouraged them (and the other Church of God groups) to get involved in Israel, as documented in The Great Mideast Commission: Reaching the Cities of Judah and
Stephen Flurry’s response to Judean Voice ad – but that should knock in the head any of his foolish notions about Edmond being some new Jerusalem! What does he want to do? Build his "house of God" and proclaim himself "God" in it? He already claims to be "that Prophet" that those not under his evil influence know refers to Jesus Christ. He already refers to himself as their "king." These are his own self-incriminating words:

As I point out in Who Is “That Prophet”?, Micah 2:13 refers to the office Christ has given me as that of “their king.”

May God wake up Gerald Flurry from his drunk, deliver him from his delusions, and save the PCG (Philadelphia Church of God) from further heresies! God let proud Nebuchadnezzar go off the deep end for quite awhile too to humble him and then brought him around.

All this could have been avoided if Gerald Flurry had humbled himself when first presented with Beyond Babylon: Europe’s Rise and Fall. Instead he ran out of steam with Malachi’s Message, tried to rally folks with what had already been done – getting Mystery of the Ages out – then Stephen Flurry’s book Raising the Ruins ( a repeat of Malachi’s Message in greater detail, but same old, same old) and now his grandiose music hall that will leave them singing the blues!

The Work of God Must Go Forward!

PCG: Carrying on "Business as Usual"

Politics in the Church of God Hinders Progress


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