Obama and liberal Jews are a curse!


It seems the Hashem has given Obama to America as a “gift” in reward for America’s service to the World in attempting to destroy Israel. -Yonaton

Truly it was a BLACK DAY in America when Obama won and we lost. The Gentile president usurper, Soetoro/Obama, is a curse upon our White Israelite country for our idolatry and immorality (Deuteronomy 28:43), part of which includes aiding and abetting those treacherous UNJews in Israel who betray Jerusalem and collaborate with the Vatican, as brought out in Holocaust Hypocrisy!

Apparently Hashem will permit the German-Jesuit jackboot to stomp Jerusalem, due in large part to self-righteous religious Jews and due to liberal Jews who have helped destroy British-Israel and Judah (Meir Kahane warned of the liberal Establishment).


One Response to “Obama and liberal Jews are a curse!”

  1. martyfink Says:

    The Catholics lied to get what they wanted, but underneath they would do anything to advance global feudal peasant fascism as the perfect medieval past, which is why they still try to canonize their nazi pope at every turn, still yearn to abide by Pio Nino’s stricture against democracy, and unite with muslims and confucians.

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