Pope speaks with a forked tongue

Re: Rabbi to pope: Go split Rome

The Babylonian envoy, like a typical politician, talks out of both sides of his mouth! If the pagan pope were truly against antisemitism and the horrors of Hitler’s War against the Jews, he would not aid and abet the accursed state of “Palestine” that amounts to a declaration of war against the Jewish Homeland.

The German pope knows such talk only throws fuel on the fires of division between Jews and Arabs, the old divide and conquer tactic, making it easier for Europe’s New Crusade to enter the breach as “peacekeepers” and brutally betray both and seize Jerusalem for themselves!

Shame on the rabbis for failing to demand the immediate release of the Temple treasures and Judaica the bloody Vatican holds hostage in preparation for the Third Temple, a House of Prayer for All Peoples, and for failing to question why the pope failed to condemn the religious discrimination against Jews and Christians daily upon the Temple Mount by radical Muslims who illegally forbid them to pray or read the Bible there.



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