Obama surprises you?

Re: Obama’s stunning offense to Israel and the Jewish people

Stunning to who? Not to those who weren’t willingly deaf, dumb and blind to all the facts that were available about Soetoro/Obama before the election. Now the president usurper, the fraud and foreigner, the Emperor Obama is working hard to destroy the United States and Israel. Surprise, surprise? Not hardly. No more surprising, no more stunning, than the fact Soetoro/Obama continues to fail to prove he is a natural born citizen, plays the American people for fools and disrespects our Constitution. Justice demands we close this black chapter in American history.

Obama’s failure

Jews who foolishly voted for the BIG LIAR should seek atonement by demanding his long form birth certificate to expedite the legal process against him and for the United States.

Let Jews Demand Obama’s Birth Certificate!

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