Native Americans?

Obama Says U.S. Must Reverse Course With Native Americans
Washington (AP) – Making good on a campaign promise to hold a yearly summit with American Indians, President Barack Obama told tribal leaders Thursday gathered in Washington that he is determined to reverse the federal government’s history of marginalizing Indian nations…


Every one legitimately born in these United States is a Native American. The various warring Beringian immigrant tribes (aka as Indians) occupied these Lands of the Covenant (Artzot Habrit in Hebrew), this biblical territory promised to Manasseh the son of Joseph, until Manifest Destiny arrived and saw the British Israelites (specifically the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic peoples) claim our God-given homeland from sea to shining sea.

Either the American Indians/Native Americans/Beringian immigrants are separate nations or they’re not – quit trying to have it both ways! Take care of your own business, accept your own successes and failures and stop depending on people of white color to save you and do for you what you’ve failed to do for yourselves.

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