Nigerian Minister Excited About Third Temple

Dr. Joshua Egbagbe commented on
Temple Institute: Jerusalem Day

This is all very awe – inspiring and exciting; to live in times like this, when restoration of divine prophetic promises are going on right before our living eyes! I had the unique opportunity to meet with Rabbi Chaim Richman and his beautiful family in Jerusalem in 1998, when I visited Jerusalem. I remember the joy of the fellowship when I joined his family for Shabbat dinner that quiet Friday evening and the intense faith that Rabbi Chaim exuded as he shared with me the vision of re-building the physical Third Temple! I am back in Nigeria, my home country and as a New Covenant Jew, I regularly teach about the The Third Spiritual Temple, from the First Adam, Adam Ha Rishon to The Last Adam, Ha Mashiach, and to the Corporate Third Temple of Praise and Thanksgiving to our heavenly Father, King of the Universe. Baruch Hashem! I would greatly love to re-establish contact with Rabbi Chaim Richman, if possible. I am Rev. Dr. Joshua A. Egbagbe – ben Adam


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