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Purification of Memory – a Vatican Euphemism for the Whitewashing of History

April 20, 2007

How can any honest self-professing “penitent” Pope have glossed over his predecessors’ pogroms against the Jews? (It was the Vatican’s own ‘Monsignor’ Tiso, Head of the Slovak State, who delivered the first trainload of Jews to Auschwitz.) How can he have failed to mention the Crusades against Islam; the hundreds of thousands of auto da fé victims in the Middle Ages burned as witches; the brutality and torture of the centuries-long Inquisitions; the slaughter of the Protestant martyrs; the Roman Catholic Ustashi who carried out the ‘Quiet Holocaust’ of Serbs and Jews in the Vatican’s puppet Nazi State of Croatia; the disappearance of loved-ones in countries run by Roman Catholic bishops and generals; the countless political assassinations aimed at imposing the will of the Vatican upon the civil governments of the world; the genocide perpetrated by Roman Catholics in Rwanda; the mad monks led by Saint Cyril, the patron saint of arsonists, who burned the Great Library at Alexandria and destroyed 600,000 volumes of knowledge of the ancient world – surely the greatest crime of vandalism in the history of mankind; the Counter-Reformation which resulted in the death of half of Germany’s population; the slave-trade of which the Roman Catholic Church was an instigator and promoter; the destruction, rape and pillage of the native peoples of the Americas, the eradication of their cultures and the imposition of Popery upon them; the almost successful attempt, commemorated by a medal, to murder every Protestant in France; the knowledge that the so-called Donation of Constantine was a forgery and that Pope Adrian IV did not own Ireland and had no right to give it to England; the deliberate forgery and falsification of documents for centuries, even during John Paul II’s own incumbency when Nazis were enabled to obtain Vatican passports and flee from Europe to escape prosecution for their crimes; the castration of male children to make them into Papal singers; the paedophile priests; the hunger of the Third World, due, principally, to Papal decrees on birth control? Truly, “[…]her judgment reacheth unto heaven.” (Jer. 51:9)

Purification of Memorya Vatican Euphemism for the Whitewashing of History

by Professor Arthur Noble

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