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AIDS and Gay Stereotypes

December 23, 2008

Re: “I’m Spartacus!”
23. To: 22rifle (#15)
David Hoover
AIDS from his fudgepacking activities

You wouldn’t even know my former name was David Hoover (it’s not like it’s some dark, dirty secret to mature minds!) if I hadn’t written about it in God-given Names and From Toledo to Jerusalem. Do try to get out more often so that those who legally change their names aren’t such a shock to your system.

You also wouldn’t know I have AIDS if I didn’t write about it, but you reveal the difference between night and day: those who learn from information (and are the better for it) and those who abuse what they’ve been told and turn around and act hateful (that I make reference to within Scarlet Letter: A Christian With AIDS).

Your woeful/willful ignorance is appalling. In your dark mind, you must imagine everybody with HIV or AIDS has the disease due to “fudgepacking activities.” You also expose how stereotypical you are about homosexuals. Do all heterosexuals have the same sexual preferences? You need to read and glean from God and the Gays so you can quit embarrassing yourself.


Faithless and Fickle Heterosexuals

May 30, 2008

In Rebuking Minister, McCain May Have Alienated Evangelicals
The Rev. Rod Parsley paces the stage, wiping his forehead and shouting to his congregation in a taped sermon that marriage is under attack by “tortured and angry homosexuals.”
– By Kimberly Kindy

Senator McCain shows how shallow his religious beliefs are and how weak he is in standing up to criticism about religious leaders who endorsed him without agreeing with every single thing he represents. They should support Ron Paul or Chuck Baldwin.
As far as Rod Parsley’s salvo about marriage being under attack by “tortured and angry homosexuals,” that’s true to an extent. However, the greatest danger, what weakens the institution of marriage the most, are faithless and fickle heterosexuals who fail to keep their vows or remember why they took them in the first place.

If I Were the President by Chuck Baldwin

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God and the Gays